Do You Really Know Your Rights?

Here is how to file a complaint with the Texas Department of Insurance:

  • Go to the Texas Department of Insurance complaint page on the link we provided below.
  • Look on the left-hand side near the center of the page.
  • Click on “Online Form” and follow a simple set of instructions.
  • You will receive a response, promptly and your issue will be addressed.


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P.O. BOX 149091AUSTIN, TX 78714-9091

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The Falsehoods

Here is a list of common phrases used by some insurance companies when you decide to work with a body shop that isn’t on their preferred list. Here are a few of the word tracks used to manipulate the customer to coerce them into using a specific repair facility. Be careful, because  it’s your vehicle and your investment, and you have the right to make a choice on who repairs your car, SUV or truck.

“The shop you picked is not one of our network shops and they are not on our list, so we can’t guarantee the repairs.”

False: Every reputable body shop offers a Lifetime Warranty/Guarantee as long as you own the car.

“If you use that shop, we can’t get an adjuster out there for several days, but if you take it to our network collision repairer, we will have someone start on it promptly.”

False: This is just another trick to steer you to another body shop. Most insurers are required to send adjusters out within 24-48 hours. If you’re the claimant or have rental coverage on your insurance policy, they are required to pay for your rental expenses while your car is being fixed.

“If you use that body shop you will have to pay for your rental out-of-pocket.”

False: This is not true, but many insurance companies will try to force you into a rental reimbursement.  This means that they will either try to get you to pay with a credit card and then reimburse you later, or offer to send you a check for the number of rental days in question. Most insurance companies have direct bill agreements with rental companies, but they don’t always disclose that information. Always keep in mind that as a claimant against a company, you also have specific rights that a policyholder may not possess.

“If the body shop you’ve chosen charges more than the prevailing rate, you will have to pay the difference.”

False: All reputable body shops are fully aware of prevailing rates and will rarely make it an issue.

“Claims will take longer to settle if you decide to use them.”

False: This is not always the case. Some insurance companies take longer to respond and won’t pay as quickly as they do for their preferred providers.

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